Saturday, January 21, 2012

Overview of The Back-To-Back Process

   When customers order products that you neither typically stock nor manufacture, you want to buy item for one order, have the vendor ship to you, and then combine it with other items you already have stocked to create one shipment to the customer. This is a common scenario for Wholesale Distributors who use the Sell-Source-Ship business model. We call this process is "Back-To-Back Order". 

   In Oracle Order Management, Back-To-Back Order process automates the creation of supply order (PO) when a Sales Order (SO) is booked. The Sales Order and the supplying Purchase Order are very closely linked, usually one PO is tied to one SO.

   In an environment where lead times are often only a matter of 24 hours, by closely linking the Sales Order and the Purchase Order together, the  Back-To-Back Order process improves efficiency of the three steps:
  1. Customer orders items.
  2. Purchase those items from vendor and then receive them into the warehouse.
  3. Deliver those items to the customer.

   Back-To-Back Order process is also called the "Supply To Order" Process.

   In next posts, we will describe how to implement this Process in Oracle Business Suite.

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Oracle Order Management - Introduce Pick Release

In Order To Cash Cycle, Pick Release Step response to do:
  • Auto create a Move Order in Inventory
  • A Move Order was created is request for a subinventory transfer from the stocking subinventory to staging subinventory. There are only one Staging Subinventory per Picking Batch.
  • The Staging subinventory entered on Release Sales Orders from or get default values from the Shipping Parameters.
  • The process for creating Move Orders also creates a reservation which determine the inventory source subinventory
  • Create Pick Slips from released Move Orders Lines 

Run Pick Release through the following methods:
  • Concurrent: pick release will run in background with other process simultaneously.

  • On-line: pick release run immediately and eliminating time spent waiting for the order to process through the Concurrent Manager queue.

  • Standard Report Submission (SRS): pick release will run at the same time every day. SRS runs pick release in the background and the program can be run multiple times daily.
  • Shipping Transactions Form: run Pick release in the Shipping Transactions Form > Actions Menu > Lanch Pick Release
  • Pick Release API: using API to run pick release.

We hope this is a greate help to understand Order To Cash Cycle.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Drop Ship Cycle in Oracle Order Management (Part 3/5)

Tables in Drop Ship Sales Order Cycle

In Oracle Drop-ship Cycle, the data will move step by step as follow:

Sales Order > Import > Requisitions > Auto create PO > Purchase Orders > Receipt > Receiving > Inventory

According to these step, database tables are:

We hope these information will help programmers in customizing reports.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Drop Ship SO Cycle in Oracle Order Management (Part 2/5)

In this part, we will walk through needed steps to implement Drop Ship SO Cycle in Oracle Order Managements:

1)Create Item
-Navigate INV > Items > Master Item
-Enter Item Name and Description
-Apply 'Purchased Item' template then confirm the attribute Customer Ordered and Customer Orders Enabled are checked.
-Assign Default Buyer and List Price in Purchasing Tab

2)Create Price List for Item or Add to Existing Price List
-Navigate Order Management > Price List > Price List Setup
-Query Price List then add new line for Dropship Items

3)Create PO Buyer
-Navigate HR > People >
-Define Employee
-Navigate PO > Setup > Personal > Buyer

4)Set Profile Options
-Navigate System Administrator > Profile > System
-Query up profile: "OM: Population of Buyer Code for Dropship Lines
  + Set the profile value to Null: system will retrieve the buyer information from the Master Item
  + Set the profile value to Order Creator: system retrieve the buyer information from the employee id creating the Drop ship SO (in Order Management) responsibility

OracleValues Teams

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, 

Christmas is a lovely time of year, I am to spend time with friends and family. And I hope you have a nice day on Christmas Day. I hope that Santa is good to you as well and He brings you lots of presents on Christmas Day.

I hope the New Year brings you loads of Happiness and Good Health. And of course, eating lots of nice foods and candies.

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